Slaaptraining: een filmpje

Slaaptraining: een filmpje

Een Duitstalig filmpje dat laat zien hoe slaaptraining er ongeveer uitziet. Wees gerust: er zijn geen babies of kleine kinderen in gebruikt.

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Bridgett Miller

A child who is being ‘difficult, rude, mean, unreasonable..’ is having a hard time with their big emotions and their ‘awful’ behaviour tells us that. It’s up to us to lovingly lead them through their upset rather than joining them in it. We can do it, but first we have to be conscious enough to see what is required of us and then trust ourselves enough to do it.

Teacher Tom

I’ve had people shrug at my moral stance and insist that spanking “works”, and I’m sure it does. There are lots of things that work that I will never try. If I disagree with you, shouting you down works, but wouldn’t it be better if I engaged you in reasonable debate? If I need money, stealing works, but wouldn’t it be better if I worked to earn a higher income? If you’re standing in my way, pushing you works, but wouldn’t it be better to politely ask you to allow me to pass? Indeed, spanking may work, but there are better ways. They just take more effort.

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