Slaaptraining: een filmpje

Slaaptraining: een filmpje

Een Duitstalig filmpje dat laat zien hoe slaaptraining er ongeveer uitziet. Wees gerust: er zijn geen babies of kleine kinderen in gebruikt.

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Dr. Thomas Gordon

When you view the child as a creature that is doing something appropriate to get its needs met, you can’t really call it misbehaving… If parents would strike the word “misbehaving” from their vocabulary, they would rarely feel judgmental and angry.

This is what I hope I’ve taught my children. Don’t compare yourself to the rest, all that matters is that you try your best. You are beautiful, funny and smart, but what’s more important is what’s inside of your heart. Wealth and status mean nothing at all, a person with love is the richest of them all.

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