Slaaptraining: een filmpje

Slaaptraining: een filmpje

Een Duitstalig filmpje dat laat zien hoe slaaptraining er ongeveer uitziet. Wees gerust: er zijn geen babies of kleine kinderen in gebruikt.

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Children are not property; They are people, precious individuals worthy of love, respect and protection. Listen when they speak. Comfort them when they cry. Teach them devotedly. Correct them compassionately. Love them unconditionally. If we want the world to be a better place, we should start by being better to children.

Young children are meant to be egocentric. They are meant to have magical thinking. They are meant to have only their own perspective. They are meant to be selfish and myopic.

These are not problems. This is how development works. The developmental task is to be oriented to self. It is first self, then others. Integrative functioning is on the way. Don’t discipline normalcy.

If you discipline normalcy, you will slow the child’s maturity. Like prying open the rosebud before it is ready.

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